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Commercial Collections in Germany

These lawyers can help you recover the debt owed to you.
Using a law firm to collect your past due receivables sends a powerful message to your delinquent customers or clients that the time has come to pay their accounts. Only lawyers can commence a lawsuit on your behalf to collect your claims. Placing your claims with us for collections lets you return your focus to your business and turn over the dedication of time and effort to collection of your claims to us.
The benefits to you of using the services of debt collection lawyers in Hamburg to handle your collection matters are:
  • Experienced in collections, bankruptcy and debtor-creditor matters.
  • We provide you with regular status updates on demand concerning the claims placed with us.
  • We have a network of lawyers all over Germany we work with in collection matters.
  • Customized service and attention to each of our clients.
  • We are professional in our debt collection practice.
We will work with you to develop a custom-tailored program to effectively maximize the timely and cost-effective collection of your delinquent receivables, including, if necessary, through litigation and judgment enforcement. We typically perform commercial collections work on a free basis. That means: In Germany the debtor has to reimburse all collections costs, including the costs for judgement enforcement.
To place a claim with us for collections call us at +49/40/2805810,
or send us information regarding your claim by fax +49/40/28058122,
or contact us online via e-mail:
We will respond with the cost requirements to initiate suit and to pursue the claim. We will not initiate suit, compromise a claim, or agree to installment payments at German companies without your prior consent.
We handle collections matters in Hamburg and throughout Germany.
We help all types of businesses, including small businesses, collect past-due receivables owed to them by corporate and business debtors and individuals, and we enforce judgments and arbitration awards.